Big Boobs Thai Teen Loves Anal

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  • Hi guys! John sent in this daunting video of a good time had with a girl named Bee. No, not the same Bee featured before, but a totally new, cute and fantastically big boob Thai that he spotted while checking out the lay of the land in Pattaya. He spotted this one wearing a semi-tight leopard-print pair of short shorts and a tight’ish top that showed off the nice lumps in her chest and he knew that he HAD to see if he could have her. Of course, it didn’t take much sweet-talk to get her attention, considering she says that she works on Walking Street, so after a few pics of her taken outside on the steps, she agreed to join him in his room for some more, err.. “private” types of pictures!

    Bee: Big Boob Thai That Loves Anal!

    John tells me it was initially her face that caught his attention, but we’re also pretty sure it’s more-so the boobs, because before even taking her home, he made note of her chesty assets and spent a considerable amount of time exploring those gloriously plump, brown and round big boobs once the clothes came off back at the hotel!

    Not only was this big boob Thai sporting one hell of a pair of tits with nice big dark brown nipples that just begged to be sucked, she also has a fantastic ass (check out the doggiestyle pics and sections of the video) and an amazingly experienced mouth that made John harder than a carbon steel billy-club! Her mouth was very skilled and even gave him a little slow deepthroat that almost shattered his balls in anticipation with each swallow!

    Big Boobs Thai Teen Loves Anal

    If that wasn’t enough to make this video as exciting as it is, the girl got so damn horny and in the mood to please, that after a few position changes (and orgasms) while fucking her pussy raw, she took it up her ass in doggie like a true champion as her big boobs bounced all over the fucking place! Who says Thai girls don’t like anal? At least, we have proof that this big boob Thai LOVES the anal!

    Being generous as he is, John then put it back in her pussy for a quick bang and filled her up with the gift that keeps on giving, a steaming pile of inseminating baby-batter! Hope she’s on the pill.. haha Until next time, stay happy… stay horny!

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